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Sports Pitch Development & Maintenance

Finnerty Pitch and Sports will design and manage your sports pitch project from design to completion and ongoing maintenance. We carry out the necessary studies to determine the sports pitch costs, the timeline for completion and the best sports pitch design options.

In order to devise a sports pitch development plan it is necessary to take into account important variables such as:

  • Field size
  • Geographic location
  • Construction timelines
  • Drainage systems
  • Climatic aspect during the construction period
  • Sports pitch surround requirements

Our work ranges from surveying and land mobilisation, to the completion of the sports field and surrounding areas, including ball walls and stands. We have the technology, the machinery and the specialised workforce for the development of your sports pitch to the highest quality standards.

Sports Pitch Maintenance

We offer a complete sport pitch maintenance programme
  • Mowing - should be dictated by the need and not a schedule, certain weather conditions will means your grass needs cutting more often. Lawnmower blades must be keep them sharp to avoid tearing and pulling the grass. 

  • Fertiliser - grass requires nutrients to maintain a healthy state. Too much fertiliser can lead to grass that is easily damaged, too little can lead to grass that recovers slowly from hard wear. Nutrients should be checked annually to ensure correct fertiliser amounts.

  • Weed Control - weeds need to first be identified before the correct herbicide can be applied. Certain herbicides cannot be applied directly after fertiliser treatments and should not be applied during certain weather and playing periods.
  • Over-seeding - over used areas of the pitch, for example, the goal mouth, deteriorate dramatically or die out completely and these areas need extra care mid-season to retain a decent playing surface.

  • Top Dressing -  if carried out following aeration benefits the grass as it builds up the quality of soil over a period of time and improves root development.
  • Aeration -  is one of the single most important treatments to perform on sport pitches and should be conducted annually. The soil should be as dry as possible before aeration or de-compaction work is carried out. 

  • Repairs - should be carried out as frequently as possible, between play, to keep the tasks manageable and help maintain the sports pitch surface.

A good ongoing maintenance program is necessary to ensure sports fields retain their surface quality to a satisfactory playing level.

CF Pitch and Sports are based in Co. Galway and our sports pitch development and sports pitch maintenance services are available in Galway and the surrounding areas of Roscommon, Athlone, Westmeath, Tipperary and Offaly. However, we are always happy to quote for sports pitch development and sports pitch maintenance projects in any county across Ireland. Call us today on 087 705166 or use our contact form to email us and we will be more than happy to assist you.
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